Quebec Missionaries Applaud the Hekima Theology program and express gratitude for the good formation

As the Academic Year 2023-2024 comes to a close, the Quebec Missionaries Superior General in Kenya, Rev. Fr. Ergete Tesfaye SME, expressed the congregation’s satisfaction with the theological formation at Hekima University College saying “We have seen tremendous changes in our young men who we entrusted to the hands of the Jesuits!”

During the closing Mass for the Academic Year 2023-2024, Fr. Tesfaye who presented a special gift to Hekima University College in the form of an encyclopedia said that during their General Council meeting, they decided to express appreciation and gratitude to Hekima University College for the good work the institution is doing in forming future priests and men of God.

Fr, Tesfaye said, “The first time I came here in 2022 I said something that some remember to date. I cited a Jesuit vocation promotor who once said, give me the boy and I will give you the man! And so in 2022, we handed over our seminarians who are not young boys, but young adults who needed to grow more just like Bishop Peter Kamomoe has said in his homily, to grow more in their relationships with God, with themselves, with one another and with all those whom they are interested to serve!”

Having observed the tremendous changes in the young men they entrusted to Hekima in the last two academic years, the congregation decided to appreciate HUC for its good work.

“We decided to offer an encyclopedia, the recent edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, third edition, knowing that Hekima is one of the highest institutions. It is with great gratitude and appreciation that we offer this and we continue to rely on Hekima to give us more men!” Fr. Tesfaye stated.

The Quebec Missionaries are among the 15 religious congregations that have joined Hekima University College for formation in Theology and Peace Studies. At the dawn of the Academic Year 2022-2023, three students, Michael Ochemo Nadebu, Raphael Malwa Mbuva, and David Kyalo Kithome, joined Hekima’s Jesuit School of Theology as second-year students, having transferred from another theology institution. They are currently among the third-year students who are sitting for their comprehensive exams this May. At the same time, the Quebec Missionaries sent Oluoch Joseph Jalango to join as a first-year Theology student.

By Pamela Adinda

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