HILTON-HEKIMA Sisters Scholars Programme (HHSSP)

Hekima offers an online distance learning theology programme for Catholic Sisters across Africa (all sessions will be virtual via zoom).

It is an introduction to theology course for the spiritual and human development of the participants – particularly Sisters of the various religious congregations across Africa.

The purpose of the programme is to help participants grow in their vocation and mission through the spiritually and theologically rich courses offered at Hekima University College. The programme will provide opportunity for those enrolled in it to do so in the evenings (after work) or on weekends and in the comfort of their convents.

It is intended to give the participants an understanding of the major areas in theology for spiritual and human formation both for the religious, as a component in preparation for mission or for further studies. It recognizes the interrelatedness of theological education, human maturing, and the universal call to holiness.

The program lasts 1 year. The programme is provided by the Jesuits of Hekima University College, who will coordinate it and oversee the implementation processes in collaboration with Hilton Foundation who will support the programme through grants.


  • Completed application form
  • Submit statement of motivation: 250-300 words explaining your motivation to take this course.
  • Copy of Passport/National Identity Document
  • Copies of secondary and all post-secondary educational certificates where applicable
  • If you are not a major superior: a letter from your major religious superior, missioning you to take this course for a maximum duration of one year (August-June) and demonstrating that you have the full support of the superior for the duration of this course
  • Submit application and required documents not late than 30 June 2024 (30 June 2024 is the deadline for 2024/2025 intake)
  • Ready to participate in a monitoring and evaluation process during studies and after graduation

Application Link: https://forms.gle/7LrcN5PqJshhT8sG7