About HUC

Our History

In 1984 Hekima University College was founded as a Jesuit School of Theology by the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) to serve the needs of the Society of Jesus in Africa in the formation of Jesuits for priesthood and to   respond to the needs of the Church in an indigenous context of Theology and to prepare people for Ministry in the Church. 

In 1992, Hekima University College became a Constituent College of the Catholic        University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Hekima University College is guided by its own Statutes, Constituent Colleges Convention, the Charter of the Catholic        University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) and related documents of the Society of Jesus in relation to formation and higher education. On the recommendation of the Academic Board, the Board of Governors may revise the Statutes from time to time. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the Statutes and the related documents.

Hekima University College is a centre of formation, research and intellectual scholarship that provides quality education and spiritual formation to Jesuits and  non-Jesuits (lay, clerical and religious), men and women. The College is founded on the traditions of the Ignatian pedagogy and Jesuit humanistic  heritage that is based on institutional and individual excellence and rigour.


The aforementioned characteristics of Jesuit institutions prepare the students to discern, identify and read ‘the signs of the times’ in their own context and respond appropriately.

Besides the central aim and purpose of providing courses in theology for the members of the Society of Jesus, the College is to “offer formation for men and women seeking to take their place in the evangelizing mission of the Church, be they religious or lay people.” It is in line with this second aim and to respond to new challenges that in 2004 Hekima University College celebrated its 20th anniversary with the Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations.

The Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations carries on this   vision in a specific mission, that is, to train the students to provide instruction and expertise in peace-building at a high quality tertiary education level. Rooted in the Christian faith of the vision of Hekima University College from which it draws inspiration, the Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations commits itself to provide an ecumenical and inter-religious perspective to conflict management, conflict resolution and peace-building.