About HUC@40

For 40 years, Hekima University College (HUC) has maintained its mission as a center for excellent formation, research and intellectual scholarship committed to offering a high-quality, integral, and contextualized education founded on the finest traditions of the Jesuit humanistic and scientific heritage.

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Upcoming HUC@40 Events

  • 19th October 2023 Public Lecture: ‘Strangers no longer’ (Eph. 2:19): Welcoming migrants and refugees by Prof. William O’Neill, SJ
  • 2nd November 2023Conference – Celebrating Prof. Laurent Magesa
  • 1st December 2023 Launch of HUC Hymnal
  • 21st February 2024: ConferenceHekima University College Pioneers
  • 3rd-5th March 2024Hekima Theological & Peace-building Symposium
  • 8th-10th March 2024Conference Celebrating Women Theologians
  • 3rd April 2024Launch of Students’ CD
  • 23rd April 2024The Inauguration of the African Chair in Collaboration with the HUC Alumni Association
  • 25th April 2024: Conference HUC Alumni Association
  • 26th April 2024Solemn Mass to close the HUC@40 (End of Academic Year).


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Thanks to you, for making us move from better to best.